Wednesday, January 02, 2008

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Dilbert's "Salary Theorem" states that "Engineers and scientists can never earn as much as business executives and sales people."

This theorem can now be supported by a mathematical equation based on the following two postulates:

As every engineer knows: Power = Work / Time


Knowledge = Power
Time = Money
Knowledge = Work/Money.

Solving for Money, we get:
Money = Work / Knowledge.

Thus, as Knowledge approaches zero, Money approaches infinity, regardless of the amount of work done.


The less you know, the more you make.


reader Wil said...

I always thought so!Knowledge doesn't pay!

Wanda said...

Very interesting!!!

Patty just a note on your comment on Jill. The car accident was in 1989, she was a senior in high school. 1 mo. in intensive care, 9 months in the hospital. Week of not knowing if she would live or if her right leg would be amputated at the hip. 13 skin grafts surgerys, etc. A very hard year. Well, she is our miracle girl, she is now 37 and with the exception of many scars, a limp and some pain issues she leads a wonderful life.

Old Wom Tigley said...

LOL Patty..
Sorry I've not be by of late, but better late than never. My new camera as arrived now so I just need to sort a few bits out and of course myself and I'll be as right as rain. ha!..
You do have some funny posts on here.. I really look forward to spending many visits here in 2008 and know I'll feel much better for each visit.

Renie Burghardt said...

Interesting post, Patty. I'll have to show this to my engineer son!

Have a nice evening and stay warm!


Ananke said...

Amen to that, sister!!! I've been saying that for years. At my company, the less you do, the more likely you are to get promoted. Pretty much the same thing, they still end up getting paid lots of money for nothing. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lots of wisdom in this post. Looks like Tom agrees.

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ It often seems that way doesn't it? Thanks for your comments and I made Kate's recipe with the veggies n white sauce with grated cheese on top. It was yummy. Glad you liked the pictures of my family. And because if the heifer calf, Nick wasn't too upset about his cow. He has 6 others. Kathy & her husband milk 250 cows. Nick is the farmer among the kids. Take care Patty, have a lovely day tomorrow. Love, Merle.