Sunday, May 25, 2008

Make My Day Award

Make My Day Award

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Award Rules

1) Award and Link to 5 blogs that make you think and/or make your day.
2) Acknowledge the post of the award giver: TOM
3) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news!

Now the part I find hard.. I could give this to many. All the blogs I visit make my day or I would not keep going back for more, but I'm told I can only pick 5.

1 Renie
She has some pretty interesting post when she tells about her family's life during WWII and how she came to America with her Grandparents.

2 Merle
She's like me she likes to post a lot of jokes, but she also talks about her family.

3 Wil
She also has stories about WWII, but she has some very good slide shows she's put together of her surroundings and other interesting things.

4 Wanda
Love her stories and photos of her watercolors. Her husband just recently retired from being a full time minister.

5 Breast Cancer Awarness I go here every day and click, this helps women get their mammograms that can't afford them. And catching breast cancer in the early stages it the most important thing. I realize this spot will not be able to forward five new blogs, but I felt this is an important click.

Of course I have many, many I would like to list, but I also think perhaps they wouldn't want to take part. I list some to the left of my blog in the side bar.

Thank you Tom for the Award.


Gramma Ann said...

I guess I did it right, I went to each blogger and left them a message that they received a GOOD BLOG award from you.

Enjoy your day with Abe.

Renie Burghardt said...

Thank you, Patty! That's so sweet of you. Since your blog is one of my very favorites, can I give it to you again? LOL. And to Merle again as well? LOL.

I just got home an hour ago, and will be gone for most of the day tomorrow, so I will have to work on passing this award on in a few days. Hope that's okay.

I hope your weekend is going well, and that you and Abe are feeling well. It's getting warm in the Ozarks. It got to 88 today! But we had an enjoyable time, and even got in the jet ski and took a little ride. Scary, because the river is still quite high. There is no beach yet, where there was, before. Only water. Hopefully, it will recede to it's normal level soon.

Thank you again for the lovely award, dear Patty. Have a good evening and night.


Wanda said...

Patty, what an honor to be honored with this award. I would like to send it right back to you, but I will pass it along to 5 other bloggers. As you said, it's hard because I enjoy so many!!
Monday, I want to post for memorial day, but soon ~~ I will pass on the awards!

Love and Hugs