Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another delicious recipe, fast and easy!

Dirt Cake

10" flower pot and shovel
I picked out a light blue pot, 7 1/2 inches across
and 6 1/2 inches deep. For the shovel, I found a larger plastic spoon, almost same color, by Foley.

20 oz. Bag Oreos CRUSHED
2 Boxes Instant vanilla pudding (Small boxes)
3 Cups of milk
8 oz. Cream Cheese
1 Stick margarine (or butter)
1 Cup powdered sugar
16 Oz. container of Cool Whip

Beat together the pudding and milk until thick
Mix together cream cheese, margarine and powdered sugar
Mix both of the above mixtures with the Cool Whip in a large bowl. Then layers cookies and the above misture, starting with about 3/4 deep crumbs in the bottom, then keep alternating cream and cookies ending with cookies on the top to look like dirt. I made some really fine for this layer.

Stick in some artificial flowers before serving. I used a pretty little bouquet of violets. In fact if it's good and chilled, you can use this as your center piece, and then when you ask if anyone is ready fro dessert, you removed the flowers and dig into the flower pot fillinf small dessert dishes. It's really funny if you have some small children around to stick in a couple of gummi worms, and let just a little bit of one end sticking out of the dirt. They think that's fun.

This is another recipe from our one blogging daughter Melissa, she also gave me the Ice Cream Cake recipe. Melissa and Angela still another blogging daughter both like to scrapbook and make cards. So if you have time, visit each of them. Thank you, have a great Sunday and enjoy the dessert.


Melinda said...

you know this is something no one has made in a long time!

Wanda said...

Yes, the first time I had this was at a Mother's Day Dinner at church. Clever idea.