Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot off my e-mail this morning

Why Women Need Catalogues

Received this from a blogger friend over at efx2 blogs.


raccoonlover1963 said...

Good for her. I think I would have hit him with something even harder!

Nancy said...

That was a good one! Again, you brought me my first chuckle of the day!

If you ever run out of jokes, let me know. My mother's cousin is 84and sends me all kinds of things. I also received a good one from my son today...Men's Answer to Maxine. My email is on my profile page if you're interested in anything cause I save EVERYTHING. LOL

I wanted that surgery for Oliver, and my vet said he may never have that problem ever again, and he would like to avoid that surgery where they actually make the male into a female cat, which is what you described. He said it was a drastic and very painful surgery, but this sure wasn't a picnic for him, either! He said after the second bout, then we would talk surgery.

I brought him home last night as he had not eaten since Thursday! He ate when he got home, but FIRST, he NEEDED a bath, badly!!! They had given him one but he still smelled "pithy," and I can't take that! So I used baking soda paste all over him, rinsed that off, then used Oatmeal Shampoo for cats. Dried him with the hair dryer, and then used a wet paper towel with rubbing alcohol on it and disinfected his fur even! He smells sooooo good now! He's such a good cat, and I love him so much!!! We have an appointment with his regular vet at 3pm today for more blood tests for creatinine, etc. and I am NOT leaving him there! His catheter is out, and he is peeing on his own and eating and feeling happy! He's been through enough! He was such a stinky mess when I brought him home, and my cats have never been smelly or dirty! I have white carpeting and don't even allow shoes in the house! I am just so clean with them! I cried on the way home with him, as he had laid in his urine all weekend! They had a perforated rubber may in his cage to allow the urine to run under it, but he was still wet. I know that couldn't be helped, but I couldn't get my mind off him. I worried about getting that odor out of his fur. I thought I may have to use the clippers and shave him entirely! My head was reeling all the way home! Then I thought of the baking soda, and it worked!!! He has not one bit of odor on him now.

The vet said he would have died of a ruptured bladder overnight had I not taken him to the emergency clinic that evening! I would have died, too!

But he is clean and happy now!!! I'm glad to know of someone whose cat has had that surgery. I am ready to do that so this will never happen to him again! $700 and something so far and another vet bill yet today.

Thanks for dropping by! You and your husband sound like such a great couple! I grew up in PA 3 hours east of Erie. I see you're near Dayton. We lived in Muncie, IN and had to fly our son through Dayton and Philadelphia to get him back to SC one year after Christmas, so we've passed right by Brookville on the interstate. Small world, huh?

Have a great week! Love your blog!!! Makes me chuckle every time! And God bless you daughter for caring about cats!!!


Wanda said...

Oh yes, Telephone books work too.

About your Q Patty ~~ I really don't remember eating our pig "Rings"....Maybe I didn't connect bacon or ham with Rings!! I sure I wouln't have wanted too!
I'm going to call my sister who was 14 at the time, and see what she remembers.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent Patty.. I know just how that chap feels.. ha!

Cat said...

He was lucky!
She must have been in a good mood.

Melinda said...


Tomate Farcie said...

Oh, yeah, that's a funny one!