Thursday, June 12, 2008

A meaningful conversation

Farmer John vs. Mrs. Farmer John...

A farmer walks into an attorney’s office wanting to file for a divorce. The attorney asks, “May I help you?"

The farmer says, “Yeah. I want to get one of those dee-vorces.

”The attorney asks, “Well, do you have any grounds?”

The farmer replies, “Yeah. I got about 140 acres.”

The attorney says, “No, you don’t understand. Do you have a case?”

The farmer says, “No, I don’t have a Case, but I have a John Deere.”

The attorney says, “No you don’t understand, I mean do you have a grudge?”

The farmer says, “Yeah, I got a grudge. That’s where I park my John Deere.”

The attorney says, “No, sir, I mean do you have a suit?”

The farmer says, “Yessir, I got a suit. I wear it to church on Sundays.”

The exasperated attorney says, “Well, sir, does your wife beat you up or anything?”

The farmer says, “No, sir, we both get up about 4:30.”

Finally, the attorney asks, “Okay, let me put it this way. WHY DO YOU WANT A DIVORCE?”

And the farmer replies, “Well, I cain't never have a meaningful conversation with her!”

Quote for the day!

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone."- Anthony Burgess


Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent joke Patty...
I have one to send you...

Jack and Joann said...

Funny. You have to be connected to farming to get some of this I think.
Thanks for stopping by. We have fially getten rid of that awful heat wave we had over the past weekend.

Jack and Joann said...

Just noticed that Melissa has on her birthday wish list lots of DVDs of TV shows. My girls make birthday wish lists and DVDs are always on the list. Sometimes we get them what they want and sometimes we get them what we think they need. Like for Jenn's birthday on June 14 we already got her something I thought she needed: rod iron patio furniture for her deck.

Judy said...

Hi from Kentucky. I was blog hopping and came across yours. I love your sense of humor and your outlook on life. Thanks for a good read. I will be back.

Mental P Mama said...

Good one!

Betsy said...


Gramma Ann said...

Very funny! Farmers minds are always in another world;)

Wanda said...

Funny ~~

You comment on my Father's Day post made me a little sad, as I sometimes forget that I had the best childhood ever and I'm forever grateful.

You are such a dear friend, and I love your honesty and look forward to all your comments.

Renie Burghardt said...

Another funny one, Patty!

Still hot in the Ozarks.

Have a good night.


Jack and Joann said...

I visited Wanda's blog and read your comment and I felt like Wanda---a little sad. I wish I could give you a hug.

Rosy said...

Great Joke, I also like that quote too.