Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We only lost our power 3 times on Sunday

Then it finally came back on and stayed on.

There are still a lot of customers without power. In fact the people across the street from us, and part of Brookville is still without electric. Here is a break down of the counties around ( we live in Montgomery county) that are still without electric. Some may be until Sunday. I took this from the morning paper.

The numbers

Almost 180,000 Dayton Power & Light customers were still without power on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

Here is the breakdown per county:

Montgomery County: 95,000.

Greene County: 25,000.

Clinton County: 13,000.

Preble County: 9,000.

Darke County: 9,000.

Miami County: 7,000.

Fayette County: 6,000.

Champaign County: 3,000.

Shelby County: 3,000.

Logan County: 3,000.

Warren County: 3,000.

Mercer County: 2,000.
Here's a lady that lives in Greene county that posted some photos from her area. Click

We live about 30 miles West of Greene County


Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ I think you are lucky to have the power stay on, and I hope it does. But so many are without it near you
I am sorry your cherry tree blew down, as well as other tree branches. What an awful hurricane to do so much damage. My heart goes out to all who lost their homes or suffered severe damage. I hope you and Abe are doing OK and not overdoing things. I hope you are getting
some good night's sleep. Take great care
my friend, Love, Merle.

The Mulligan Family said...

Wow! We certainly aren't hearing about this on our news in OR and WA. I think we tend to forget how destructive the hurricanes can be - even as they move into middle America.

Stay safe! Don't over do with trying to clean things up.

Take care, Cindy

Nancy said...

WOW! I did check the pics on the blog you mentioned....looks like a tornado swept through there. You all had a LOT of damage!!! Glad there were no lives lost!!! That's hard to be without electricity that long! I was without one time all day, and I thought I was going to die. We depend on it so much...that and water! No wonder they raise their rates so often, as they know people can't live without it. I wonder how people did it in the old days. Guess you don't miss what you never had.

Sure glad you didn't have any more damage other than your cherry tree. Maybe the storm saved you the cost of having to have it cut down. My ex paid $600 to have a big tree removed from his backyard a few years ago.

We didn't get anything from Ike here. Strange that we were so close to it, and its path missed us entirely and headed north. It's been a bad year for hurricanes. I worry more over tornadoes because what would I do to evacuate all my cats!?!!!???

Have a good one!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Wanda said...

oh my goodness, I check out the pictures... only 30 miles from you.

So sorry for all this damage...
Glad you and Abe are OK.

Renie Burghardt said...

We had a lot of damage and many outages around here as well. I guess I was lucky, too. One friend had a tree fall on her car, a mobile home got hit by a tree as well, several homes have roof damage, etc. But nothing compares to the unfortunate people in Texas, does it? It was scary though!

Have a good night, my friend.


raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Patty. Sorry to hear about the bad weather. We got a little rain and some strong winds, but only minimal damage. A few downed tree limbs here and there, and only a few homes without power, because of those downed tree limbs. Chuck told me that the other day when he drove through Ohio, a huge portion was still without power. I think that was on Monday. I don't know if he drives through near you or not. He takes Indiana 27 down to I-70 then over to I-75, then south.
Obviously, I got my internet back up, thanks to a fifteen year old kid. The adults couldn't figure it out, not even one who works on computers in the Air Force! Hope to see you visit soon.