Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Was at the hospital most of the day.

When I first got there he wasn't looking to good. They had done that procedure where they put this stuff into the tube they have going into his lung, and they insert something they call talc. But when they did that, it really hurt, he had a lot of pain and when I got there they were putting another IV in, since the one he had, had to be removed. Then they finally were able to give him some morphine. He would doze off but didn't sleep very long at a time, maybe ten minutes. Finally he was able to eat some lunch and I think he was starting to feel a little better. His face wasn't nearly as red as it was when I got there and he was cooling down. After that procedure he got very hot, I don't know if it was the stuff they inserted that caused that to happen or what.

We both dozed off for a little while, then our one daughter stopped back by to pick me up. By the time we left, he was looking 100% better and I'm sure he was feeling better also. The talc is suppose to make things in there stick together and fill in any leaks, don't know how it works and don't care, as long as it works.

He still has the tube in his lung, he's also hooked up to some sort of monitor for his heart, he still has a catheter in him, plus an IV. I'm sure he'll still be hooked up tomorrow, but I think by Friday they will start removing some of the items. I probably won't get over to see him tomorrow, but I told him we'll call him and put everyone on speaker phone, so he can hear all the confusion and know what he's missing. LOL

They'll be ten of us here for dinner tomorrow. We'll eat around 1pm. I cheated this year, I bought my pies on the way home this evening. I do have to bake a couple of them, one is already baked. One daughter is making her mac and cheese and a cheese ball, one is making hot rolls and party mix, one is bringing Corn Pudding, one is making Sweet Potato Casserole and also Scalloped Potatoes. I'm making the old stand by Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing and roasting the Turkey. Plus we have several different kinds of cranberry sauce. You have to have cranberries. Well that's it for tonight. Like I said he was looking a lot better. I did take the small camera along and tried to take a photo, but I'm not good at doing that. Now I'll have to wait for the daughter to show me how I get it off the camera. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes, keep them coming we appreciate it very much. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


chubskulit said...

Thanks God for that, hope he get well soon.. Happy thanksgiving!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, Patty.
I'm still praying for you all!
Have a happy Thanksgiving. Well, as well as possible with the current events.

Betsy said...

My goodness ~ with all that you've been through yesterday and today, you most deserve to cheat and buy the pies! LOL. Glad Abe looked better today by the time you left.
Sorry he has to be in the hospital on Thanksgiving! Hopefully he'll be home for the leftovers ~ they are my favorite anyway!

The Mulligan Family said...

Oh Patty - I haven't checked in for a couple of days and look what's happened!!! I'm so sorry that Abe is under the weather - but it sounds like he is doing better. What a sad Thanksgiving this will be for him to miss family and all that delicious sounding food. Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving - give Abe a hug from us - and save a big hug for you too!

Cindy, Richard (columbo) and J.J.

Tomate Farcie said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. Very glad things are looking up for Abe. Hope you get some rest before the big day tomorrow.

Best, TF

Rosy said...

I am glad to hear that Abe is doing a little bit better, so tell me something do you also plan on eating the turkey loud enough so he can hear it through the speaker phone? lol

Have a nice thanksgiving as best as you all can including Abe!


Nancy said...

Thank God he's doing better now! Let's hope this does the trick for him! Poor Abe.....he seems to be such a great guy! You are one lucky lady, Patty! And he's one lucky man to have you, too! I know you have been worried....who wouldn't be?

Glad you are keeping us posted! Give him a a hug from me! He's in my prayers, and you are, too!
I'll check back each day.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Nancy said...

I just read what you wrote above about "leaving your comment" and can't blame you for trashing those comments. Takes all kinds, doesn't it?

(((((( HUGS ))))))

carl h. sr. said...

Abe's healing is certainly a great thing to give Thanks for!
Enjoy your family get together.
I'll keep praying for Abe.

Columbo said...

Our prayers with be with you and Abe this Thanksgiving. Thanks for keeping us updated. Keep some leftovers for Abe, hopefully he will be home soon.

Winifred said...

Sorry Abe isn't able to be at home this year but there's always next year.

Wow, there's not much time to cut down with the food before the next round starts 4 weeks. I struggle with one big holiday. I'd be terrible if we had two close together.

Anyway hope you all have a lovely time.

Train Wreck said...

Well God bless you and "especially" your husband.
Nancy told me about your situation. I am so sorry to hear of the pain your husband has been through. I absolutley wil keep you in my thoughts qnd Prayers! Take care and I will stop back for your updates.

Indigo2087 said...

Dear Patty,
Please let Abe know that I am thinking of him and wishing him well, all the way from Sydney. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

nituscorner said...

Glad to know that Abe is feeling better....i know the hospital can be very depressing sometimes specially if its a loved one going through all the painful procedures but than thats how we can have them back home as soon as and your family are remembered in my prayers.