Saturday, December 27, 2008

It is hot here

We're having a heat wave
Almost feels like I need to turn on the AC. This just isn't right, the temp right now is 64F and it's almost 9pm. Feels like we're visiting our son in Florida.


Margaret Cloud said...

I know what you mean, here in Michigan we are tired of all this rain, it has run off all our snow.

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Watch out! It was 70 degrees here today, and we've been under a tornado watch most of the day. Hope the weather changes to more seasonal, and that everything will be OK up your way.

Wanda said...

Funny how 64 sound hot~~ it's really cold here today. I found a warm vest in the garage that I bought in Tahoe years ago...boy did it feel good.

Love and Hugs

Gramma Ann said...

We had freezing rain with snow on the ice over night. Many cars and truck accidents, but I don't think anyone has been hurt. Just cars sliding off the roads and a few trucks jackknifed and caused traffic back ups.