Friday, January 23, 2009


I received this award from Prachi Pandey who is part of Delhi with Avinash & Friends. All about India's capital. I find this blog very interesting. Love the quotes they post at the top of their blog, stories and photos are very nice and always interesting, plus they have some very helpful hints and tips. Now and then some really cute jokes. Everyone needs to make at least one stop to say hello to them. I think you will find their blog very interesting, I do.

Thank you so much for the Friendship Award.

The rules for the Friendship Award are simple:-
*Copy the badge and put it on your blog.
*Link back to the one who passed this tag to you.
*Spread this tag to at least 4 bloggers or more who you are friends with.
Now to pass on this award...
Since this is a friendship award, I would like to pass on to the blogs of my choice:
1. I love the quotes and so forth she post on her blog at Anne's Quotes and Things
2. This lady is witty and I enjoy the jokes and stories she always post. Merle's Third Try
3. Now this lady post some very interesting stories of her life and coming to the US with her grandparents in the early 50's. Renie Burghardt's World
4. This lady shares recipes, hints and tips on how to save money while grocery shopping along with some funny stories of life. That British Woman
I really do enjoy all of these blogs, plus loads more, but there is no way I can list them all here. So I picked out just four. Any friend of mine that comes here and would like to participate in the Friendship Award, feel free to copy and use it, I'm sure Prachi Pandey wouldn't mind, and you can even link to her blog if you wish.


अविनाश said...


have a gr8 weekend

Sai Charan Deeti said...
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Gramma Ann said...

Patty, Thank you for considering me your friend! And thank you for the award.

I always start my day by coming first to your blog, sometimes for a chuckle and smile, and once in awhile I get teary eyed when I read something you have posted. But always enjoyable. I may not leave a comment everyday, but you can be sure I've visited each day.

I will try to post this today, and thank you again, you are to kind.


Reader Wil said...

Congratulations! You have also got the friendship award from me which I showed yesterday!

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Patty,

I have posted the "Friendship Award." and my 4 choices. Thank you again.


Femin Susan said...

Congrats... Thanks for sharing!

God bless you...

Wanda said...

Congratulations again, dear Patty... YOu are so loved by us all and deserve any and all awards sent you way.

I'm loving the shawl and we've had really cold weather the past week, and I cuddle up with me and Molly and enjoy the warmth.


Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Patty,

Congratulations on the beautiful friendship award, and thank you so much for including me as one of the recipients. That is so sweet and kind of you. I will try to post it early next week. I am so behind with my awards and even a new post. Lots going on here. But I do appreciate you thinking of me.

Happy weekend!



Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ Thank you so much for the lovely Friendship award which I will post very soon. Congrats on your getting it as well. Thanks for the kind words about my blog.
Take care my friend. Love you, Merle.

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ Thank you so much for the Friendship award and I will post it very soon. Thanks also for your kind words about my blog. I definitely consider you a real friend and I always enjoy reading your posts. Always something very
interesting. Take care , Love, Merle.

Gill - That British Woman said...

why thank you ever so much for giving me the award, you are such a loving person.

Gill in Canada

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ Thanks for your Australia Day wishes. Glad you enjoyed my post, more humorous that
probably should have been.
Sounds as though you all had a wonderful feast and get together. It all sounded delicious. Was there a special occasion? I enjoyed the six things about you as ther e was a couple I didn't know. Take great care.ear friend, Sleep well and have a great week. Love, Merle.