Friday, February 27, 2009

I've learned

"Great Lessons" sent in
by Paul W from New Orleans...

I've learned to never be afraid to act silly in public; someone might laugh at you, but without your silliness, they may not have laughed at all that day.

I've learned that sometimes the best advice in the world to give someone is no advice at all; just an available ear, a box of tissues and a warm embrace.

I've learned that we all have times in our life when we fall; it's what we do when we get back on our feet that counts.

I've learned that sometimes ignorance truly is bliss and that if you don't want to know the truth, don't ask the question.

I've learned that you can be in a room full of hundreds of people and feel alone; but true happiness is found when you can be in a room alone and never feel lonely.

I've learned never to leave a project unfinished, for tomorrow you might lose the ability to get it done.

I've learned that the faith and belief from a child is more valuable than any luxury money can buy.

I've learned to never be afraid to sing loud; even if it's off-key, it's beautiful in God's ear.

I've learned to never pray for patience; God likes too much to teach us by using life lessons.

I've learned that when all else fails, sing, dance and laugh, then start anew.


अविनाश said...

loved reading it...No matter what level V reach, learning & getting better never stops....


Margaret Cloud said...

This is so true, I know I tend to have unfinished projects and they will be there when I am gone. The one about advice is a good one. Thanks for passing them along, hope your day is a good one.

Kathleen said...

Oh I like all of these!

Happy Friday!!

Gramma Ann said...

Very good lessons! LOL! Again you got my day started with a smile on my face and a chuckle in the air.

mommanator said...

it's amazing what time teaches!

Garnetrose said...

I love the idea of being able to laugh at myself, no matter what the circumstances. I hope I am always able to lend an ear for my friends and a shoulder they can cry on when they need too. It is very important for me to be able to do that.

Femin Susan said...

enjoyed reading it ....exatly what you said is very true, the one about advice.

Brenda said...

I agreed with all of them, especially the one about not giving advise just an ear and a tissue. Thanks for the reminders. These quotes lifted my spirits.

Renie Burghardt said...

Great life lessons, indeed, and it's so true that I've learned that "when all else fails, sing, dance and laugh, then start anew."

Have a great weekend, Patty.


Nancy said...

All are so true!

((( HUGS )))