Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In a hurry?

Like seafood?
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Monday, I went with Abe to Kettering to see his arthritis doctor, we stopped and had lunch at the Chinese place in Englewood. I trimmed the backyard with the weed eater/trimmer, (electric and light weight) still trying to get the hang of using it. Watered the flowers in the front, filled the many dishes we have sitting around for the birds and small animals to drink from. Also had to run to the bank, post-office and pick up a bag of ice after Audrey got on the bus.

Yesterday I mowed the front yard and also trimmed. We moved four clumps of ornamental grass, took the leaf guards off the gutters in the front, Abe trimmed the oak tree, we cut up branches, stuffed them into the brown (large) bags we have to buy from the city and hauled the two bags out to the collection site. Rode with Abe over to Lewisburg so he could walk around a little looking for different birds or something interesting to take a photo of, came back home and I decided we were going to have Manwiches for supper, along with chips and a Junior whoppie pie. Not healthy but I was tired. I also cut up several yellow delicious apples into quarters. Then I played on the computer for a little while, called my Mother and watched Dancing With The Stars. Also ran to grocery to pick up the Manwich, chips and whoppie pies.

So glad the one called Melissa didn't win, she was good, but I thought she was kind of whiny. I was really surprised the young girl won. I thought for sure the man would win. I have a hard time keeping track of the names, I guess it was Shane that won and Gill or Gell came in at a close 1% difference.

Oh yes, I rescued a dog that lives several houses up the street, she had a workman there doing something in the backyard, apparently the workman broke their garage door, had someone come look at the door to give them a price on fixing it, when they left, apparently the door between the kitchen and garage was left standing open, dog got out. Lady that lives there wasn't home at the time, I also need to call her to find out the dogs name. She seemed tickled to see me (the dog that is) although I don't know why, since I have never talked to the dog. Plus she was a little heavy to carry, but I didn't have to go to far.

Today I mowed the backyard, cleaned off the mower, the back was still pretty damp in spots so there was a lot of wet grass on the bottom of the mower. Doing up some laundry. Swept the garage floor, since the car was out, Abe went back to Lewisburg looking for that Pileated Woodpecker. I told him I thought he could go alone, just to walk slow and leave the cell phone turned on. He got back by lunch time, dishes are done, I have some stew meat simmering to put some dropped dough (I call them rivels, not sure of the spelling)into the broth for supper, along with some kind of a vegetable and probably applesauce for dessert. Melissa will be extremely late tonight since it is exam night. My dryer just buzzed, so it's time to fold the towels. I have one more load to do up and the laundry is done this week for Abe and me.

Now you know what kind of an exciting life I led. LOL Also played my move on a Scrabble game a lady and I have going over the internet. And talked to a person at Express Scripts, plus called my Mother real quick to see how she liked the outcome of the DWTS. There you have it. Our youngest Granddaughter said she wished she was retired, and I asked her why, and she said so she wouldn't have to do anything. I tried explaining, even when retired, there are things that have to be done if you have your own home and etc. But she thinks it's all games on the computer, playing on the internet, talking on the phone, watching TV and not having to get dressed unless you really want to. Kids!!


Anonymous said...

The comment Audrey made is so typical of her comments. Sometimes the things she says are almost like listening to some adult. Anyway, I wish she would read the post today so she knows you did a lot of things. And I am thankful for all you do.

Like I have told you, we don't have to keep on living here. We can move to an apartment somewhere and not have all of this extra work to do. Neither one of us is going to live forever so if we moved maybe we could just do nothing if that is possible.

Brenda said...

Whew....I hope Abe gave you that raise he was talking about before. I had a day similar to that today and I am one tired old woman. I too do not know the DWTS people. I only watch it every once in a while so maybe that is why. Rest up tonight!

Patty said...

I'm not ready for an apartment yet. We both would be bored out of our heads in a three or four room apartment without a yard to get out in and watch the birds and other animals. Not yet.

Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, you've been one busy bee, Patty! Tired me out just reading about it all. Of course, I had Chinese food today. Yum!

I love Dancing with the Stars, and thought Gilles, the sexy guy, would win. But the young Olympic gymnist outdid him, I guess. She is very young, and an athlete, and that was in her favor.

Well, I'll be busy the next couple of days getting the cabin on the river ready for the weekend. Greg already cut the grass, but I am doing the cleaning and airing out. Will have friends over for a cookout and maybe some jet ski rides. And I had some writing to finish as well, but got those emailed to the Editor early this morning, thank goodness.

Have a good night.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Mercy! I'm worn out just reading the list of your activities.