Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The last few days

Son's Visit and Mom's Procedure
Well the visit with our son was great. He arrived Wed. the 6th. Plane was about 30 to 45 minutes late. I had stopped and picked up a rhubarb pie and a cherry coffee ring from a store that is run by German Baptist, so you know it was good. We came home, had a piece of the coffee ring and later I ran up and got fast food for lunch. And of course we had a piece of the rhubarb pie.

Daughter and Grandson that live in Greenville called and said she would bring down some Maid Rites, this is a loose meat sandwich which is very good. So again, we had more or less fast food, with chips and dip for supper/dinner. We all set around and visited, another daughter from here in town dropped over for a little while.

Then on Thursday daughter and son-in-law from Centerville brought Sam’s doughnuts for breakfast. I had all ready had breakfast and was grocery shopping. I cooked a pan of vegetable soup for lunch. After lunch they went home to pick up Grandson from school and then they all came back for a spaghetti supper. Nothing fancy, spaghetti, garlic toast, chunky sauce, fried up some hamburger and mushrooms for people wanting meat on their sauce, made some apple salad.

On Friday after breakfast, I did up the dishes, believe me we went through a lot of paper plates while our son was here, then our daughter that lives here in town and I went to the Heart Hospital for Mom’s procedure. I told Abe and Chris they were on their own for lunch, so they drove to Arcanum to Millers Tavern and had a roast beef sandwich, fries and a beer. Chris couldn’t get over the fact the sandwich was huge and only $2.50.

Mom’s procedure went well, doctor told her that her heart is good for another 86 years. She’ll follow up with her heart doctor on May 26th. Daughter and I, and two other daughters plus both brothers and a niece were all there for Mom’s procedure. We ate lunch in the hospital dining room. Wasn’t too bad, I had a fish sandwich and a bowl of fresh fruit.

Came home, was a little tired, so I ordered pizza, again, with chips, and left over apple salad and we also had Maid Rites left over if anyone wanted to warm one in the microwave.

On Saturday morning, Angela brought breakfast I think from Panera Bread, we had Muffin tops, a coffee cake ring, and some quiche. It was all delicious. Audrey slept late, I think from all the playing her and Noah did on Friday wore them both out.

I had made some pickled eggs and beets on Tuesday. Made Shoe Peg Corn Salad on Friday evening. Made potato salad Saturday morning, and of course chips and dip again, plus we grilled out hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch on Saturday. Melissa made her delicious chocolate cake, Angela brought one from Taste of Elegance, a marble cake decorated with Happy Birthday Chris, this year his birthday fell on Mother’s day and since Sat. was the best time to get together, we had it then instead of Sunday. After the daughter, son-in-law and grandson left, son-in-law had to be at work by 7pm and the other two daughters, granddaughter and son took off to run to the store, I mowed the front yard real quick.

Notice the theme of the vist? Food! LOL Well lets face it, we all like to eat.

Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast of Bob Evans sausage, pickled eggs, toasted bagels, toast and oranges cut into half slices. Then a friend stopped by to see Chris and they took off right as I was putting dinner on the table. He got back around two so I warmed him some dinner in the microwave, rinsed the plate and we took off for the airport. Dropped him off, wished him a Happy Birthday again, and he wished me a Happy Mother’s Day and we left him there and drove on over to see my Mother for a little while, got home around 7pm.

On Monday I mowed the backyard, helped Abe plant some rhubarb and a couple of small Pawpaw trees, sucked up a lot of maple seeds that are dropping from our neighbor’s tree, went to the grocery store, Prescription shop and post office.

Today I worked on the laundry and raked up some small limbs that have been falling from our oak tree all winter, picked up a bag of ice and got gas for the car. I thought it would drop by Tuesday like it usually does, but instead on Monday they raised the price to $2.35 a gallon, on Sunday it was $2.27.

Now I am trying to get caught up on reading some of my favorite blogs. Hope all of you Mother’s out there had a great Mother’s Day.


Charles said...

Sounds like a good visit, good food; especially the maid-rites & rhubarb pie. I always get it at Eating Place in Eaton, when we come up. Nobody sells it around here in Texas.

Renie Burghardt said...

All the food you listed sounded so good, they got me hungry, and I never eat before going to bedtime!

But it sounds like you all had a great family time, and now you'd better rest up for a day or two from all the fun! LOL.

And I am so glad to hear that your Mom is good to go for another 86 years! Bless her heart.

I enjoyed reading about all the fun. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a good night, Patty!


Wanda said...

Oh Patty, after the third paragraph I was so tired with all you were doing I had to stop and take a nap....

Came back later and you are still going.... just kidding...

Sounds like a wonderful family time... the most important thing is this life.

Glad you Mom is doing well.

Love and Hugs

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a busy time you had!
But I'm sure it was well worth it.
I'm glad you had a good visit with your family.
I can't wait to see those pawpaws!

The Mulligan Family said...

Sounds like you had a great visit, and I'm so glad your Mom's procedure went well. Family gatherings around delicious food are always fun! I just ate dinner, but I'm thinking about all that yummy food you had and now my mouth is watering. Hmm... wonder what goodies I have hidden around the house?

Granny on the Web said...

In other words 'a jolly good time, as you all gathered together'. I hope your Mom is soon up and running.
Time you had a rest now!

Love Granny

nanny said...

Sounds like you all had a great time,,,,food sounds great too! Wonderful news about your mom! Have a good day and get some rest!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to give you a raise in pay. Write yourself a check honey.

Anonymous said...

HI PATTY, wow, were you busy. you crack me up with " i mowed the frony yard real quick". abe really should give you a raise!! bonnye in west sacramento

Jack and Joann said...

Lordy, you have done enough work to last a year! I got tired just reading about all that you did.

Food makes any occasion and sound like you lots of occasions and lots of good food this past week.

They say that folks who make it to 80have a good chance to make it for another 20 years. These folks know how to stay healthy. While the babies and under ten set haven't figured out how to stay healthy yet.

Abe, really does need to increase your allowance.

Brenda said...

Glad you had such a nice visit. I do not know what Maid Rites are and I have never had pickled eggs. Are they like deviled eggs? Well, so this is what a retired lady of leisure does everyday! I am tired just reading about it all. Take a break!

Margaret Cloud said...

This was a good post, your visit sounded like fun, a lot of eating. You should be tired out from all that activity.

mommanator said...

Sounds like fun and filling.
Glad all came out well for your mom!

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ What a busy time you had with lots of nice food and family visits. I am so glad you had a nice Mother's Day.
I am so glad your Mother's procedure
went well and she could go on for another 86 years. Nice Doctor.
I'm ADULT too my friend, growing around the middle also. I hope you have been sleeping well my friend.
I am much better and sleep pretty
well. Take care, Much love, Merle.

Denise said...

That was such a wonderful read Patty. You had a lot of fun with the family and I am so glad your Mom's procedure went well. Thanks for sharing all the fun with us.