Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is in answer to a post I did on May 31st.

Which you can find here
I want to thank everyone that took the time to eithe say a prayer for Marilyn, sent her a card or did both. She was really surprised and tickled. She said she's still opening cards. Please keep the prayers coming. She has about three or more radiation treatments yet on her back, before they start the chemo on her brain.

She went down to the university Hospital in Cincinnati, last Thursday for them to insert a tube/shunt for the chemo to be inserted directly into her head/brain. I understand it required about 40 stitches/clamps to close it. They kept her overnight to make sure everything was going to be ok. They will start the chemo once the back treatments are finished. They also have found a doctor in the Dayton area that can do the chemo which will save her a trip to Cincinnati each time, since Cincinnati is further from where she lives. Once again:



Margaret Cloud said...

You are welcome Patty, I sent a card and also am praying everything comes out okay. I did not mention in the card you had ask us to do this, was I suppose to mention it.

Brenda said... heart goes out to her and your family Patty. I am scheduled to donate platelets on Friday, something I have never done before. It is supposed to help cancer patients.

Femin Susan said...

my prayer will be always with her...!!

Gramma Ann said...

You are welcome. I hope the treatments help your sister-in-law. So glad the cards brighten her days.