Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another week almost over.

Where does the time go.
I decided to go visit my Mother today. Haven't had time to get up to see her for a while. If I wasn't busy, it seemed she was busy. So I decided I was taking off this morning after breakfast was over. I called her first to make sure she was going to be home, she was, she said she had just finished cleaning her oven, that she had sprayed the night before.

I told her I was coming up to see her for a little visit, she said are you staying for lunch, I said we'll see. She said who all is coming along, I told her just myself. Girls were going to a movie at 1pm, and Abe had other things to do. Actually he gets bored sitting there listening to my Mom and me talking. So if he stays home I know he can entertain himself with the computer, TV, or even nap. LOL

I got there around 11:15. We talked, she asked if I was hungry and I wasn't. So we talked some more, then I asked her if she would like me to pick up some tenderloin sandwiches from the restaurant that has these really, really huge pork tenderloins.

She said she had a batch of noodles all she had to do was cook them, so off we went to the grocery to get some chicken broth in a can, and a roasted chicken. She also picked up a few other things and I got some fresh buns and a half pound of old fashion dried beef sliced really, really thin. Abe loves that. Of course Mom wanted to make some slaw, or slice some tomatoes, I told her noodles and chicken was fine with me. Then we topped it off with a piece of her homemade pie. I asked how she had time to mix up a pie in that short of time, she told me she had already put one in the oven before I called. It wasn't apricot (my favorite that she makes) but it was peach, which was pretty tasty.

Then my younger brother stopped down around 3:30 and we all visited. I noticed Mom did doze off for a few minutes, but that's all right. I have done the same.

Also while we were at the grocery, the store owner, said hello Mrs. Custer, and she said hello, then I came walking behind her, and he said, hello, you must be her sister. I said no, I'm her daughter, he said, oh I'm sorry. I told him that was quite alright. My Mom said, yes I was very young when she was born. We could easily be sisters, my Mom is 86 and I am 72.

The age between our oldest daughter and our youngest daughter is 17 years. I remember one time when our youngest daughter came home from school and mentioned that a friend of hers had grandparents the age of her Father and myself. I said yes, since her Mother had her when she was so young. Our daughters friends Mother went to school with our oldest daughter. The age between our fourth child and fifth child was eleven years. Yes, our fifth one was quite a surprise to us. Some times I wish we would have had a sixth child to be closer in age to the fifth one, but I didn't wish it long. LOL

Got back home around 6:30, mowed the front yard around 7. So it's been a full day. Rainy to start out, but then the sun came out late in the day and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Hope it was for everyone else also.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful narration of a beautiful visit. Hope you and Abe are doing well - my knee is healing nicely and it's good to wlak without pain in the knee - now the rest of me....that's a boring story...

Sunny said...

How wonderful to share time with your Mom. She sounds very lively for her age!
Sunny :)

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ How nice that you went to spend time with your mother and you both would have enjoyed that.
And then to come home and mow lawns.
Well done, but don't overdo it.
Take good care my friend.
Love, Merle.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Still going strong at 72!
I only hope to be as healthy.
Glad you had a nice visit with you Mom and brother.

Charles said...

It's good that your mother can still stay by herself in her home.
The note about ages made me remember in 1982 or 83 when Edna had gall bladder surgery. An older friend of Edna's was waiting with me, when doctor came out & told us: "Your Daughter came out okay, she'll be in recovery."

Renie Burghardt said...

I'm glad you had such a nice visit with your Mom and brother. My grandma was 17 when her only child, my mother was born. And grandma was 36 when I was born, and she became a grandma and a mom again at the same time.

All the food you mention sounds delicious!