Friday, October 16, 2009

First you better check to make sure

Frozen carburetor

In the fun world of the administration of justice, not all the
laughs are in the court-room. Indeed, giggles and guffaws can erupt at almost any time or place. For example: On a bitterly cold winter's day several years ago in northern British Columbia, an RCMP constable on patrol came across a motorcyclist, who was swathed in protective clothing and helmet, stalled by the roadside.

"What's the matter?" asked the policeman.

"Carburetor's frozen," was the terse reply.

"Pee on it. That'll thaw it out."


"OK, Watch me and I will show you."

The constable lubricated the carburetor, as promised. The bike started and the rider drove off, waving. A few days later, the detachment office received a note of thanks from the father of the motorbike rider.

It began: "On behalf of my daughter, who was recently stranded


Gramma Ann said...

Now that brought a big smile on my face this morning. ; )

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh gosh, it took me a minute. Too funny.

Sunny said...

Haha Patty, that's cute...have a nice weekend. :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hahaha, that's really funny! No wonder she couldn't do the job! Haha,

Have a good evening.


Rosy said...

My first response the reason why that biker couldn't pee on it cause he (not a her) was all binded up from too much gear...until the read the ending. ha ha ha

Granny on the Web said...

I bet he never lived this down.
Nice to have a smile to start the day.
Love Granny

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ This is a great joke,
but it is understandable when they are all covered up in their gear.
Thank you for stopping by and I am glad you liked the chocolate one,and like you, I am a walking alphabet.
The onion idea is sure worth a try.
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You have been working hard in the yard again I see. It is good they make mulch out of green waste. We
have a fortnightly green bin just for that, so guess they do similar here. The soup sounds delicious, just when I have stopped making
soup as it gets warmer.
I hope you are keeping OK my friend
and sleeping well. I can sleep any
time lately, day/night. Take care, Love, Merle.