Saturday, October 10, 2009

Received from a so called friend!

Seniors on a Little Road Trip

While on a road trip, an elderly couple stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch.

After finishing their meal, they left the restaurant and resumed their trip. When leaving, the elderly woman unknowingly left her glasses on the table and she didn't miss them until they had been driving about twenty minutes.

By then, to add to the aggravation, they had to travel quite a distance before they could find a place to turn around -- in order to return to the restaurant to retrieve her glasses.

All the way back, the elderly husband became the classic grouchy old man. He fussed and complained and scolded his wife relentlessly during the entire return drive. The more he chided her -- the more agitated he became. He just wouldn't let up one minute.

To her relief, they finally arrived at the restaurant.
As the woman got out of the car and hurried inside to retrieve her glasses, the old geezer yelled to her ...

'While you're in there, you might as well get my hat and the credit card!!'

This coming week is National Mental Health Care week.

You can do your part by remembering to contact at least one unstable person to show you care. Well ... my job is done. Your turn!


Granny on the Web said...

This situation sounds too familiar...Sounds very close to home.

Love Granny

Sunny said...

This sounds all too familar! LOL
Sunny :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Just love it.
Also love the t-shirt on the toddler. Yes, we need to.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL I could have written something similar to this;)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Funny. Heaven forbid he admit to forgetting something. tee hee

Gramma Ann said...


Tom said...

Ha! thats me and Jane now.... just think what we will be like in another 20 years.. ha!

Margaret Cloud said...

First of all I am surprised that Abe did not comment. This is the hardest part of getting old, is forgetting things, it is so aggravating, so far mine is forgetting my coat.

Renie Burghardt said...

I'm not admitting to any forgetfulness!

I'm not admitting to any--never mind, I just said that, didn't I? Haha.

Have a great Sunday!

Denise said...

Oh my, love it Patty and thanks for the very important message at the top of your post.