Saturday, December 12, 2009

A joke for Adults

Who Am I?
Received from a friend in England.

One Monday morning the Postman is cycling through the neighbourhood on his usual route, delivering the mail.

As he approaches one of the homes he noticed that both cars were still in the driveway. His wonder was cut short by Derek, the homeowner, coming out with a load of empty beer and wine bottles for the recycling bin.

'Morning, Derek, looks like you guys had a great party last night,' the Postman comments.

Derek, in obvious pain, replies 'Actually we had it Saturday night. This is the first I have felt like moving since 4:00 am Sunday morning. We had about fifteen couples from around the neighbourhood over for some weekend fun and it got a bit wild. We all got so drunk around midnight that we started playing 'WHO AM I.'

The Postman thinks a moment and says, 'How do you play 'WHO AM I?'

'Well, all the guys go into the bedroom and we come out one at a time with a sheet covering us, with only our 'family jewels' showing through a hole in the sheet. Then the women try to guess who it is.'

The Postman laughs and says, 'Sounds like fun. I'm sorry I missed that.'

'Probably a good thing you did,' Derek responded. 'Your name came up seven times....'


Anonymous said...

Few are always listed no matter what.

kavita said...

LOLZ...A popular postman..hee !!

Arkansas Patti said...

Ah, you caught me again. Very funny.

Lady Di Tn said...

This is aways funny no mater how many times I see it. I liked the Senior moment one. Peace

Anonymous said...

That sounds like some of the games the one guy at NCR used to play with his wife and other couples. He was always talking about that kind of stuff.

Reader Wil said...

Funny! That postman must have been very popular!

Rosy said...

ha ha ha now that is hitting below the belt...ha ha ha ha

Renie Burghardt said...

That postman had a well known family jewel, didn'ty he? Haha.

Hope you had a nice Saturday!


Cheryl said...

Oh you got me again. What a hoot!

El Sid said...

Obviously, a Maleman who delivers.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I'll bet that game won't be played again in that neighborhood!

Margaret Cloud said...

This is so funny, I have read it before but enjoyed it again.