Sunday, January 17, 2010

From a Newsletter I receive in my e-mail each day.

Wet Chicken

She thrust the chicken breast over the counter at the server.

"I don't like wet chicken!" she bellowed.

I was at a buffet restaurant. The lady in front of me had fried
chicken, green beans, some type of greens, and bread on her
plate. All of her food including a big fried chicken breast was
placed on the same compartmentalized plate.

You know the type of plate you had in elementary school that was
divided into three sections. The juice from the beans and greens
had somehow seeped into the chicken section and had gotten on
the chicken breast. Thus, the wet chicken.

"I can't stand wet chicken either," another lady echoed.
"I sure don't like wet chicken," still another piped from the
serving line. It was amazing that almost the entire line in
that area soon was rumbling and grumbling about wet chicken as
the exasperated server graciously gave the lady another big
chicken breast.

I could see her pondering what to do with the "wet" chicken.

It was raining that day. Some were homeless not far away.
They were wet themselves and would have loved to get a piece of
wet chicken.

If I was a fried chicken eater I would have told the server that
I would take the "wet" chicken. It was nothing but a bit of
vegetable juice on the chicken and a small bit at that.
As a matter of fact the juice was far healthier than the
chicken. I looked at the grumblers and noted that none of them
particularly needed that fried chicken, wet or dry.

There is nothing wrong with asking for a correction in the way
that you like your food. Usually it's not the request but the
spirit behind the request that makes it decent or destructive.
It's that way with most things.

The server stood over a hot serving line.
The customer line snaked around the restaurant with the after
church crowd. Standing for hours over steaming hot food with a
hot hairnet in a hot uniform made for a hot day.

It doesn't matter whether it’s a food serving line, a ticket
line, a checkout line, or whatever, when you are serving other
people you get tired and it sure helps to have a little
compassion and consideration.

The thing is, all of the people in the line weren't coming from
the clubs, or a game, or the races. They were just getting out
of church.

Imagine the server's thoughts as she saw the "wet" chicken thrust
into her face held by the hand of a church goer mad as a wet hen.

~A MountainWings Original~


√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I am not sure what the problem was except that the word wet must be bad in the case of the piece of chicken.

madcobug said...

There is just no pleasing some people no matter which way you turn. Helen

Beth Niquette said...

It is astounding that a good attitude, a kind gesture or an unexpected smile can change a person's entire day.

I remember once I was buying some flowers for the garden, when the clerk noted that the half price tags on some of my items were not for those items, and that someone had misplaced them in the wrong place.

The clerk just railed at me when I questioned it...I went away and thought about it for awhile.

It had been a VERY warm day, and I'm sure she'd been on her feet all day long. So I bought a frosty cold bottle of water and brought it back to her.

I said, "You look like you are having a hard day. You look like you need a hug and a cold drink."

She burst into tears as I hugged her and gave her the water.

I know that kind gesture made a difference in that dear lady's day.

If only we could put ourselves into other people's shoes...I often ponder, as I drive down the freeway, that every car holds an individual person just like me...

It doesn't hurt one bit to be kind and thoughtful!

Mental P Mama said...

Nothing beats a Holier Than Thou Roller.....except maybe a good swat....

Cheryl said...

This is certainly one of those "stop and think" moments! Ah, if only people could walk in another's shoes when they are being rude and ungrateful, so they can see how they appear! Those types probably are never happy anyways...they seem to thrive on being rude!

Arkansas Patti said...

Those poor people from Haiti would love some wet chicken. We are entirely too spoiled.

Sunny said...

I really dislike rude people. I wonder how they would feel to be spoken to in that manner, they must have snoozing during the Golden Rule sermon.
Sunny :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Some church goers can be the most critical of people.
And some of them should be ashamed of themself.

reanaclaire said...

Greetings to u, Patty.. just coming by to read your updates.. dont really understand what the problem with a wet chicken.. to me, all are wet.. lol..
have a nice week ahead, Patty..

Sandy said...

Well that was an enjoyable read. And so interesting to think the complainers were coming from church, ha.

Patsy thanks so much for your comment the other day on my blog.

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ There is always someone who would appreciate what
others have rejected. Sounds like
they were too fussy and giving the server a hard time.
Thanks for the story. Take care,
Love, Merle.