Monday, February 01, 2010

Very funny yet there is,

A lot of truth to this story
It's a slow day in a small Arkansas town and streets are deserted.

Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit. A rich tourist drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night.

As soon as he walks upstairs, the owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer.

The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his
supplier, the Farmer's Co-op.

The guy at the Farmer's Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit.

The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner.

The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter.

At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the
rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves town.

No one produced anything. No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now out of debt and looks to the future with a lot more optimism.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the United State Government is conducting business today!


Arkansas Patti said...

Hay, no problem, at least I got my hotel room paid in full :)))

Mental P Mama said...


Twisted Fencepost said...

Ha, ha, ha! So true!!!

Brenda said...

I knew there was some common sense involved in it all...too funny!

Clytie said...

At least in the story everyone is happy?

Beth Niquette said...

Good heavens!!! Is THAT how it works? Egad.

Sunny said...

Ha-ha! There's probably a lot of truth there!
Sunny :)

Gramma Ann said...

LOL... too funny!

Renie Burghardt said...

No doubt there is a lot of truth there. Was it Shakespere who said "Many a truth in jest is said?" Or something like that.

Have a good evening, Patty!

Cheryl said...

Haha! Food for thought!!

ChrisJ said...

That is a great story with much truth in it. Good one Patty!

Wanda said...

Another winner, Patty!


That is a little scary! Definitely something to think about!

Tom said...

Very funny ... :O)

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Oh My Patty! Just passed by from Abe's Sendai Blog and read this post. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOOOOOOWWWW I was like wowing here for like 5 seconds! Very very very realistic and simply full of lessons. Everybody has debts with everybody may it be money, services or kindness. It is just up to us how to make up to it in our very own way :D I really loved it Thanks so much!

I invited you on Facebook Patty:D By the way, I replied to your comment on Abe's Blog. You guys are the coolest couple in the world :D Will be back here soon!