Saturday, June 19, 2010

Need some new recipes?

Try these



Anonymous said...

September 8, 1971—

Pat for herself a Rambler Gremlin today. Its blue and she loves to drive it! She seems to like it very much and so do I.

Thought you might like some memories.

Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks I bookmarked it. Now with the Dr. Oz recipes from his site, I can experiment this summer.

Clytie said...

It is interesting that doing everything 'on a budget' is the in thing now. It always has been for some of us, but it's cool that the rest of the world is catching on! I will also bookmark this site and maybe do some experimenting this summer - On a budget of course!

reanaclaire said...

hi Patty..coming by to wish u a good weekend..

dyanna said...

Oau....Very good !!!