Monday, July 26, 2010

Futbol Funnies...

After a visit to the doctor, Joe Bloggs, the city team's centre forward dropped in to his local pub for a quick one. "What's up mate?" asked his friend Brian, "you look worried."

"Yes, I am," Joe replied. "I've just been to the doctor's and he told me I can't play football."

"Oh, really?" said Brian. "He's seen you play too then, has he?"


An American visitor to England watched his very first football match and was struck by the differences between English and American football.

After the match he fell into conversation with one of the English players and remarked, 'You know, over in the States, our players wear thick protective clothing. You guys must be frozen stiff in those light clothes.'

'It's not so bad,' said the Englishman. 'Sometimes the ground is covered in snow.'

'You don't say!' exclaimed the American. 'What do you do about the balls? Paint them red?'

'Oh, no,' said the player. 'We just wear an extra pair of shorts.'


The top scorer of a Premier League team was tragically killed in a car accident. Seeing an opportunity for glory, the reserve striker went to see the manager.

"How about me taking his place?" he asked.

"Well, I'm not sure about that," said the manager, "we'll have to speak to the undertaker first."


The Devil was constantly challenging St Peter to a game of soccer, but St Peter refused, until one day while walking around' heaven he discovered that quite a number of international footballers had entered the 'pearly gates'.

"I think I'll arrange to play that soccer game," said St Peter to the Devil. "We have a great number of international soccer stars in heaven at the moment from which to select a winning team."

"You'll lose, you'll lose!" taunted the Devil. "What makes you so sure we'll lose?" enquired St Peter. "Because," laughed the Devil, "we have all the referees down here."


A woman was reading a newspaper one morning and said to her husband,

'Look at this, dear. There's an article here about a man who traded his wife for a season ticket to Arsenal. You wouldn't do a thing like that,-would you?'

'Of course I wouldn't!' replied her husband. 'The season's almost over!'


Arkansas Patti said...

I do love British humor, so understated. Really LOL at the referees being in Hell. Always suspected that.

Clytie said...

I like the, er, red painted balls one!

Renie Burghardt said...

Futbol Funnies they are! He he.

Hope you had a cooler day today. We did. It only got to 90 today.

Have a good evening.

Babli said...

Nice to read your wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it.

Beth Niquette said...

Hahahaa....I really like the one Clytie likes. lol You made my day with this one!