Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another Will and Guy joke



Stupid Football Players

A football coach walked into the changing room before a game. He looked over to his new signing and said, "I'm not supposed to let you play since you failed arithmetic, but we need you to be in the team. So, what I have to do is ask you a math question, and if you get it right then you will be allowed to play."

The player agreed, so coach looked into his eyes intently and asked, "Okay, now concentrate hard and tell me the answer to this. What is two plus two?"

The player thought for a moment and then answered, "4?"
"Did you say 4?" the coach exclaimed, excited that he had got it correct.

Suddenly all the other players on the team began shouting..., "Come on coach, give him another chance!"


Seat in Stand?

Bernie and Eddie were fortunate enough to have a season ticket to watch Manchester United. They could not help noticing that there was always a spare seat next (K37) to them and they had a friend who would love to buy a season ticket, especially if all three could have seats together.

One half-time Bernie went to the ticket office and asked if they could by buy the season ticket for K37. The official said that unfortunately the ticket had been sold. Nevertheless, week after week the seat was still empty.

Then on Boxing day, much to Bernie and Eddie's amazement the seat was taken for the first time that season. Eddie could not resist asking the newcomer, 'Where have you been all season'. Don't ask he said, the wife bought the season ticket back last summer, and kept it for a surprise Christmas present.


Arkansas Patti said...

Will and Guy are funny fellows. Love sports jokes.

Merle said...

Dear Patty ~~ Great jokes, thanks for the smiles. Also for your comment
but unfortunately I am far from well enough to travel all the way to Western Australia. Peter and Warren are in Adelaide tonight, not even half-way. We just had a VERY heavy shower of rain which will not help the floods. My friend cannot get out
to go to her job.. I hope you soon
get some rain. Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

reanaclaire said...

Nice one about the football players.. :)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hahaha, well, I usually don't want anything to do with football, but this was quite entertaining! Hahaha.

We had tons of rain today, and more in the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. Drought is finally over! Thank the Good Lord.

Have a nice evening, Patty.

Lady Di Tn said...

LOL That was a hoot.Peace

Babli said...

Very nice, interesting and funny post about the football players.

Margaret Cloud said...

These were good and funnt especially the seat in the stand.