Friday, September 24, 2010

Read outloud


Paddy is passing by Mick's hay shed one day when through a gap in the door he sees Mick doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old red Massey Ferguson farm tractor.

Buttocks clenched he performs a slow pirouette and gently slides off first the right wheel, followed by the left.

He then hunches his shoulders forward and in a classic striptease move lets his suspenders fall down from his shoulders to dangle by his hips over his corduroy trousers.

Grabbing both sides of his checked shirt he rips it apart to reveal his tea stained vest underneath and with a final flourish he hurls his flat cap on to a pile of hay.

'What on earth are you doing Mick' says Paddy

'Jeez Paddy, ye frightened the livin’ bejasus out of me' says an obviously embarrassed Mick… ‘but me and the Missus been having some trouble lately in the bedroom department, and the Therapist suggested I do something sexy to a tractor."


Arkansas Patti said...

Aww gee, it took me a minute. Guess I am slow. Love the quote.

reanaclaire said...

oh.i dont understand..why stripped in front of tractor, Patty... hahaha.. maybe i m blur..

Reader Wil said...

Ha, ha!! I don't think I understand! Anyway it sounds great!!

Beth Niquette said...

Ooooohhhh...hahahahaaaa....I'm just laughing my head off here.

Thanks, Patty! I needed that!


ChrisJ said...

Double groan from here!

Margaret Cloud said...

I guess I am slow also, I don't get it. Thank you for coming by, have a nice weekend.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, to attract her! Hahaha. I didn't get it at first either. Guess I'm slow, too.

Happy weekend!

Clytie said...

Snarf. It took me a minute as well, but when I finally got it ... guffaw!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I think he's a little confused. tee hee