Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful viedo sent to me by a good friend

That's God


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What an awesome God we serve.Thanks.

Wanda said...

Patty that was beautiful... Thanks for such a lovely video for a Sunday Morning.

I've had a blog guest for a couple of days from New York, so haven't been visiting you so often.

It was fun to meet another blog friend in person. She was flying to Indonesia on a Mission trip and had a couple day layover in LA.

It was nice....wish I could meet you and Abe in person some day!

Reader Wil said...

That is a very touching video and it makes me think that I often met God without realising. Thank you for this beautiful video!

Margaret Cloud said...

What a beautiful video. I am sure many of those things has happened to me on my life's journey, thanks Patty,