Monday, March 14, 2011

A funny story from my past.

A Quick Funny ( true) Story

When I worked at our local Vocational School ( Adult Education Office) as the evening secretary, we had a lot of people coming in and out of the office all evening. Students with questions, teachers, security and etc.

One evening, the man working security’s name was Charles Lindbergh, we called him Chuck. Another gentleman that stopped in that evening, he worked with the ABC classes, (Associated Builders and Contractors) his name was Jack Frost.

So in walks this young girl, looking for the GED classes, which were across the hall. She saw my name on my name plate on the counter and she said Ms Lincoln, Chuck said, no she’s Mrs. Lincoln, now ask her what her husband’s name is. Of course I said Abraham Lincoln, she just looked at us rather strangely and then I said and yes, meet these two gentleman, Charles Lindbergh and Jack Frost. Then we all got to laughing, but I think she thought she was in a looney bin. Of course I wasn’t about to tell her my maiden name was Custer. She would have probably run out of the building for sure.

It took me a long time to get use to hearing all kind of remarks when someone found out my husbands name was Abraham, from the fact he looked good for someone being dead that long to please don’t go to the theater, just silly little remarks. But don’t hear much anymore. I guess most people are use to the name by now. We’ve lived at this same address since 1962.


Arkansas Patti said...

After those introductions, I wouldn't have believed any of you.
How much fun you all must have had with people.
Jack and Charles really understand what Abe has gone through.
Good story.

~Cheryl said...

What a hoot! Just reading this makes my brain get all wrinkled-y; I have no idea what my reaction would have been had I experienced this in person. This is a terrific story; a "keeper" for sure!

claude said...

Over here I knew somes boys who had famous name too. I find very exciting to have the name of famous people like Lincoln, Custer and Lindbergh.
Have a nice day, Patty !

Margaret Cloud said...

I wouldn't have believed you all, would think you were pulling my leg.

KleinsteMotte said...

The best part is that there's a genetic link! That they didn't know but now it's likely well documented.Do you think today people are more likely to believe the names??