Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time change tonight

Don't forget to set your clocks
Spring forward- Fall back. So tonight before you go to bed, turn all the clocks ahead one hour. That means I will have about 16 clocks and watches to change. What a royal pain in the you know what. Myself, I say, leave it like it is now, that way during the winter it's not so dark when the kids walk to school early in the morning. Why miss around with the clocks. In this day an age, how much energy is it saving the farmer? Or anyone else for that matter. All I can see that it does is perhaps give golfers an extra hour of playing golf. Has anyone really done a study on what it saves" We sue to change the clocks I believe in Oct. and Apr. Now I believe, it's Nov. and Mar. Why mess with it for four months?


ChrisJ said...

I do understand your viewpoint, Patty, but I have to admit I do love the longer, light evenings. In northern England where I grew up it would stay light until ten and eleven o'clock. That meant we could go out and play in the fields after dinner.
We loved that!

Margaret Cloud said...

The leap ahead by one hour will be appreciated by a lot of people including me.