Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another from Will and Guy

Tuning Up

Arnold and his wife Florrie were walking across South Sea Common one Sunday afternoon. In the bandstand the combo was playing a catchy sounding tune, and Florrie said, "I wonder what the name of that tune is."

Arnold noticed that there was a sign posted near the bandstand and said, "It looks like they post the titles of the tunes they play. I'll go down and see."

A while later Arnold returned and said to Florrie, "It's one I don't know, it's called 'The Refrain from Spitting'."

What's in a name?
Ron was walking down the street when he met a small boy. Ron asked his name.

The lad replied, "Six and seven-eighths."

Ron looked puzzled and asked him why his parents had given him such a strange name, and the youngster replied, "Oh, they just picked it out of a hat."


Arkansas Patti said...

Wil and Guy never fail to bring on the chuckle. Thanks.

ChrisJ said...

So glad to visit your always happy blog!

Country Mouse Studio said...

thanks for my daily chuckle :O)