Wednesday, November 16, 2011

These are from Will and Guy. I will have to say, I never had any complaints about my Mother-in-law, we got along just fine.

Mother-In-Law Jokes

* My mother-in-law is banned internationally from playing poker, as she keeps all the chips on her shoulder.

* Adam and Eve were the happiest, and the luckiest, couple in the world, because neither of them had a mother-in-law.

* What is the difference between outlaws and in-laws? Outlaws are Wanted.

* I took my mother-in-law to Madame Tussaud's chamber of horrors and one of the attendants said, 'Keep her moving sir, we're stocktaking.'

* Fred and Rick were in a pub. Fred says to his mate, 'My mother-in-law is an angel.'
Rick replies, 'You're lucky. Mine is still alive.'


* Will and Guy's Favourite Mother-in-law Joke

Harry was travelling down a country road in his native Yorkshire, England when he saw a large group of people outside a farmhouse.
It was a cold January afternoon, so he stopped and asked Farmer Giles why such a large crowd of men was gathered there.

The farmer replied, 'Eddie's donkey kicked his mother-in-law and she died.'

'Well,' replied the man, 'She must have had a lot of friends.'

'Nope,' said Giles.' We all just want to buy his donkey.'


* Short Mother in law Jokes

1) Overheard in a restaurant:
She: This wine is described as full bodied and imposing with a nutty base, a sharp bite, and a bitter aftertaste.
He: Are you describing the wine or your mother?

2) Open Door Policy
The doorbell rang this morning. When I opened the door, there was my mother-in-law on the front step.
She said, 'Can I stay here for a few days?'
I said, 'Sure you can.' And shut the door.

3) Newlywed Surprise
The newlywed wife, Monica, said to her husband , Nick, when he returned from work, 'I have great news for you. Pretty soon we're going to be three in this house instead of two.'
Nick started glowing with happiness and kissing Monica purred, 'Oh darling, I'm the happiest man in the world.'
Monica smiled and added, 'I'm glad that you feel that way, Nick, because tomorrow morning my mother moves in with us.'

4) Final Complaint
Tomorrow it's the mother-in-law's funeral...and she's cancelled it.

Paul: I was sorry to hear that your mother-in-law died. What was the complaint?
Phil: We haven't had any yet.


Terra said...

Funny! You manage to find the best jokes dear.

Margaret Cloud said...

I agree you do find the best jokes.

Beth Niquette said...

Fortunately, or unfortunately as it may be, I never met my mother-in-law. She'd already made her way to heaven.

lol I've heard I might love and totally identify with these jokes, if she had stayed behind. (grin)