Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas Let Down.

Didn't even bother getting dressed until around 3:30. In time to get dressed and our one daughter and my self went to funeral home here in town to pay our respect to a friend who lost her husband. She cuts our hair. Her husband age 56, had surgery on both legs, poor circulation. He hasn't been able to feel his toes for some time. I was just in to get my hair cut on Dec. 13th. asked how he was doing and she said everything seems to be coming along okay. She said he came out the other morning and was so tickled, he told her he could feel his toes again, first in a long time.

My neighbor called me Sat. and said did you hear about (I'll call him by his initials) T.D. and I said no what happened, she said his wife went in to wake him up on Friday morning and he was dead. I said WHAT? I couldn't believe it. Apparently they think he passed a blood clot.

And then she said did you hear about F.L. (again initials), and I said no what about her, she said she had an aneurysm. She passed out, they rushed her to the hospital and was able to preform emergency surgery, but then her kidneys shut down, so apparently they went back and opened her again. After the second surgery I guess they told the husband and daughter there was no hope. He called Abe the other evening, since at one time they were in Rotary together, and he told Abe the two of them had just been talking about the month of December. It seems December has always been a bad month. They lost several of their pet dogs and also family members during the month of Dec. And they were just talking about, wonder what might happen this December. Not realizing what might lay ahead. Her viewing is tomorrow evening. Her and I compared notes on our breast cancer. Difference being she also had some cells in her lymph nodes and I didn't.

Just goes to show, we never know what lies ahead.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. More later.


Clytie said...

Oh Patty ... it kind of puts things back into perspective, doesn't it. We really don't know what lies around the next corner of our lives. So we live each day with the knowledge that tomorrow will bring us surprises - and try to be ready to deal with them with grace and courage.

I hope you have a quiet and peaceful last week of 2011 - and that 2012 will bring a year of joy and love.

Lady Di Tn said...

Life changes so quickly so we must enjoy every moment we are blessed with. My friends Mother died on Friday morning and they had the service today and visitation yesterday. Death is always SAD but doubly so on holidays. Peace

Country Mouse Studio said...

December can be a tough month. I've lost close family during that time too and it takes a while to celebrate again. Hopefully the new year will be better.

KleinsteMotte said...

Oh my Patty that was definitely not a very happy post! Bless you for taking the time to post at such a very busy time. So far we are doing fine.Hubby's on the mend now and some daughter will leave for the UK. I pray she'll have happy times with her hubby. She has been very patient. Her Visa to officially live and work in the UK arrived today!