Monday, December 19, 2011

Will and Guy

A Sympathetic Look at "Senior Moments Humor"
Will and Guy have learned that the expression senior moment was apparently coined in America in the mid-nineties, but has become more widely used in the UK during the past couple of years.

Originating with specific reference to seniors or senior citizens - people aged sixty or over - it has now entered more general use and can be applied in any situation where someone experiences a momentary lapse of memory, regardless of their age.

The term highlights the idea that our brains simply weren't built to cope with the information overload and stress generated by life in the 21st century.

An absent-minded activity, like putting your furniture polish in the fridge or your prepared casserole in the cupboard, can also be referred to as a senior moment.

Will's wife once put the roast beef in the top oven, of a two oven cooker, set the timer for the bottom oven and went out shopping expecting, on her return, a cooked joint of meat…………………….no. Baked beans on toast were the order of that day!


Will and Guy's Examples of Funny Senior Moments


Archie, aged 88, has a problem with his house. It has two stories. It has stairs. When he use the stairs, Archie stops midway to catch his breath. His main problem is that, when he am ready to start again, Archie is unable to remember whether he was going upstairs or downstairs.

Old Hat

A letter to a national UK newspaper in the 1950's declared: 'My grandfather, who is 87, has been converted to nudism. He sits all day long in the greenhouse without a stitch on except for his hat. When I asked him what he wants with a hat on if he's a nudist he hits out at me with his walking stick and hollers, "Because I'm bald"

A Hand for the Bish

In his later life, a former Bishop of Lincoln, UK, found himself having difficulty rising from a park bench where he had stopped to take the weight off his feet. After struggling ineffectively, he was delighted when a little girl offered a helping hand.

'That's very kind of you my dear,' he told her, 'But are you really strong enough?'

'Oh yes, the child retorted, 'I've often helped my daddy when he was much drunker than you.'


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Patty,

Very interesting an humorous post. A few days back I suddenly forgot the name of my daughter in law in a conversation.I don't know. My mind was blank.However hard I tried I was coming up with names other than her name.Everyone in the house was stunned at my forgetfulness. Someone even told me I am senile. I really don't know what happened to me.Other wise I am very sharp and my memory is good.

Best wishes,

Arkansas Patti said...

Good to know we aren't the only country.
Really cute.
Hope your back is better.

Lady Di Tn said...

The one about the stairs is a real Senior Moment and unfortunately I have used the term of late. Peace

Country Mouse Studio said...

I have them far too often and it is good to know it's universal