Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What better story then this for Valentines Day

Faith and Giving Of a Child

Sometimes children, in their innocence, are the most faithful and giving people in our lives. This story is very touching.

There was a family that was experiencing a small tragedy. One of their two sons had acquired an illness that required a marrow transplant. Of course, the medical personnel had all the family members tested to see who had the proper type of blood. It turned out the older brother of the sick boy was the perfect match. So the father sat the older brother down and told what they needed to do in simplest terms for the young boy. The father told him that his little brother was very very sick and that he needed to show his little brother how much he loved him by having surgery. The doctors need to take a little piece of him and put it in his little brother's body so that he doesn't die. The young boy thought about it for a couple seconds, and then he said he would do it.

So the older brother went through surgery. It was a success, and his little brother was recovering quickly. After the relief and joy passed over and the family was just sitting around relaxing, the father noticed his older son looking a little down and depressed. He took his son aside and asked him why he wasn't happy- his brother was getting better. His son said that he was very glad that his brother was getting better. So the father asked again, why are you so sad? The boy said, "When is it time for me to die?"

That's when the father realized what the boy actually had on his mind. His older son believed in his heart of hearts that he had to give up his own life so that his little brother who he loved could live.

Received in the newsletter I get from Godvine


Lady Di Tn said...

Children take things literally so the Father had really not explained it well. Just like my 3 year old nephew who tried to walk on water like Jesus and Puppy had to rescue him at our pond. Peace

Jackie said...

What greater love than One who would give his life for his brother...

Kleinste Motte said...

The reality hits some hard. Do you know that this is often a true story? Sadly some siblings are used and don't really get it.