Monday, May 21, 2012

Custer Reunion June 3rd.

David born 1854 died 1930
Polly born 1849 died 1930

David and Polly Custer started this side of the Custer Family
Their children
Charles born 5/6/1876
Rosa born 2/27/1878
Frank born 3/9/1880
Harvey born 11/24/1883 (My Grandfather)
Emery born 1/4/1886
George S. born 4/1/1887 died in infancy
Gertrude born 4/1/1888

The 87th. Custer Reunion to be held June 3, 2012
It is always held the FIRST SUNDAY IN JUNE
Place Ivester Park – Arcanum Ohio Big white enclosed cabin
Time around Noon till everyone leaves later in day
Bring a full picnic basket, your own drinks, table service and tablecloth.

If you or anyone you know is related to David, because David had siblings, please feel free to come to the reunion. There are members we have not seen in years and would be happy to meet up with them again. Of course, bring a full basket of food. LOL
David's siblings:
John Benjamin Born 1849
David F. born 1854 (My Great Grand Father)
Harvey Washington born 1856
Mattie Jane born 1858
George Washington born 1860
Joshua Henry born 1862
Jacob Paul born 1865
Joseph F. born 1869
The family originally came from VA.
If you know of anyone related, pass this on to them. Thank you


Jackie said...

Hope the family reunion is fantastic!
I also hope Mr. Abe is recovering and is doing better. Give him my regards.

Lady Di Tn said...

That is wonderful. The Hurt side of the family has a reunion every five years and fewer and fewer folks come each time. It is so wonderful to hear about a long standing reunion and I sure hope lots of Custer family show up with big picnic baskets. Peace

ChrisJ said...

Glad to know Abe is getting along OK. I'm praying for him -- for patience and strength.