Sunday, June 03, 2012

Entering Heaven's Gate

Some folks in this day and time,
Say that God has changed - No never!
My God tells us in His Word,
He's the same yesterday, today and forever!

They say there are other ways
To get through Heaven's gate.
I pray that Jesus goes to them
Before it is too late!

It's Gods will that all should know
That for us there is a place.
He wants you to call on Jesus
To find out about His grace!

The saving grace available to all
Who turn away from their sin.
And ask Jesus into their heart
Then they let Him live within.

But Jesus is the only Door
Through which we attain the prize.
Of life forever in the presense of God
In His Heaven beyond the skies!
- Dot Wilson -

Everyone have a wonderful Sunday. Today is the 87th. Custer Reunion, which I will be attending.

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Heidrun Khokhar said...

That reunion of the Custers! WOW hope it's a lot of fun!