Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I want to apologize to all of my blogger friends, I have not been on computer much and so that means I haven't been visiting your blogs. With Mom here now, I use the iPad a lot, but I'm not too keen on it yet, hopefully someday I will know how to visit blogs and leave messages from the iPad.

My leg is doing better, apparently I will always have to rest it off and on during the day, also that means I have to wear compression knee highs all the time, but there are worse things than that, except they are hot and we've been having really hot weather.

Mom is slowly getting her strength back but her therapist wants her to do more, I asked why, since when she goes home, she will have the brace off, that's when she will be needing to do more and use that arm that has healed. I know it's hard to do somethings while that brace is on. She gets the bottom of herself washed off and dressed, there is no way she can do the top part yet, since she isn't suppose to move that arm straight out from her body, that's why the plastic brace, to make sure she doesn't. She can dangle it and she's suppose to move from the elbow to her mouth, but only the forearm. She did try to go to the bathroom the other morning alone, I was sleeping, did not hear her, daughter in the other bathroom heard her cane fall and came rushing out and found her, I don't know how she would have been able to bend over and pick up her cane since she gets so dizzy at times when she bends over. I told her to ring that bell I gave her, so I can help, she doesn't have to worry about me falling back to sleep, that's one thing I'm good at. LOL
I told her she doesn't want to fall and break a hip.

I will be back visiting all my friends soon, I haven't forgotten you. Hope you all have a good day.


Helen said...

Prayers for your Mom and for you.

Terra said...

Prayers for you and your mom as you heal.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

try to get her used to a walker to use at night. It is much safer. Also a monitor, the baby type is better than a bell because she can just use her voice.
Hope may it improve soon.
On the iPad you can bookmark blogs as you get to them and they'll be there.
iPad are not really shared devices. They are meant to be used by a single user who can then link stuff to a computer account either by the usb or wifi.
Buddy has one and I try to guide him.
I use my iPhone to do some of the same things the iPad does but it's very hard on my eyes.

Jackie said...

Thank you for the update; I've been wondering how you were doing.
Continued thoughts and prayers for your Mom and for you. Take care of you!!!

Clytie said...

It's so hard to help someone who is disabled - temporarily or permanently. You guys are frequently in my thoughts and prayers.

I wish I could give you some advice about the iPad ... however I'm iChallenged ... don't even own a cell phone (let alone a smart one!). I've never sent a text in my life, and have had to work really hard to use even a fraction of the functions on my digital camera!!

Good luck!