Saturday, January 12, 2013

Authorities: Mother gave 5-year-old to man as drug payment


The man charged with kidnapping, raping and killing a 5-year-old girl will face the death penalty if he is convicted.

Mario McNeill goes to trial next month in Fayetteville, but he faced a judge for a pre-trial hearing Friday.

He is charged with killing Shaniya Davis in 2009.

Authorities said the girl's mother gave her to McNeill as a drug payment.

The judge denied a motion to strike down first-degree murder charges and another to keep the state from seeking the death penalty.

This is me, Patty, I have a question, what is the so called Mother getting? I believe she deserves something for doing such a hideous thing.


Lynette said...

I found a bit on the Internet which mention the mother.

Here's a link to three articles where you can read about the charges facing her.



Lynette said...

You're welcome, Patty. And you're so right about the awful people who walk the earth. We who are not awful will never be able to understand them, and we must fight to build and strengthen the good that does exist in the word.

linda eller said...

My heart breaks for that little girl. The man and the mother should be hung in the town square and that isnt even good enough for them.

Wanda said...

Linda...I think we would have far less crime, if your method was taken seriously!!