Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oncologist Visit

Today will be my one year visit to the Oncologist. It's finally down to a yearly visit. Not sure how long these will go on, perhaps I'll find out today. They usually do blood work and the girls that work in that department are super at hitting the vein the first time.

At first I was going every three months, then it went to every six months, then last year after I no longer had to take Femera, I was told I could go a year before my next visit.

Even though the surgery on the left side was six years ago this past December, I still have some days when there feels like swelling, some days it's still tender, and other days it's very tingly. I don't remember the right side being quite like the left side, but then they removed more from the left side.

I also just remembered, I will be needing to make my appointment for my yearly mammogram. I get one every year. After all my sister died from breast cancer back in 1982.


linda eller said...

Hoping you get a good report at the doctor today.

Jackie said...

Praying for a good report.
Love to you, my friend.

Jackie said...

I am back...hoping that you got a good report.
Love you,

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Yes that feeling of relief when one is told yearly helps. But the worry, what if stills clings and surfaces now and then. And any pain sends an alarm.
Here's hoping it will all be just fine Patty.