Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Bizarre Labels:

1) Peanuts - May contain nuts.

2) Puma shoe box - Average Contents: 2 International Yacht Varnish - Not suitable for marine use. Guy wonders if this was a translation problem, or whether it was by design?

3) Birthday Card for a 2 year old - Not suitable for children under 3.

4) Superman outfit - Does not enable wearer to fly.

5) Child's Scooter - This product moves when used.

6) Meat Product - Oven ready half-wild rabbit.

7) Mozzarella salad bagel. - Keep refrigerated ... avoid the fridge.

8) Sleeping Pills - Warning, may cause drowsiness.

9) Shop Window Advert
Seen by Will in a café window in Emsworth, W. Sussex: Cleaner Lady Wanted.

By an amazing coincidence, Guy used to live in Maisemore Gardens Emsworth.


linda eller said...

Those are goodies! lol

Jackie said...

All probably stemmed from some ridiculous lawsuit. I shake my head and wonder about some lawyers....sigh.