Monday, June 17, 2013

Had to follow one daughter to take her car to another town for repair and that way she had a way to get back home. We stopped and bought some doughnuts from Jim's Doughnut Shop. Then went out to see what if anything was going on with my computer, only to find out, it was down. Picked up phone to call Time Warner and had no phone, also no TV. So this went on till almost 7pm. I almost fell asleep several different times. Have no idea why I have been so tired lately, except for the fact I will be 77 in Oct. That might account for some of it.

Also fixed pulled pork sandwiches for lunch yesterday,Father's Day, had sweet Valida (spelling?) onion to go with it, home made potato salad, baked beans, a white cake that Abe asked for, of course Betty Crocker helped me out with that. LOL One daughter brought this new dessert, cherry cheese cake ice cream, I think that's what it was called. Very good. Three of the four girls were here, one had to work a 12 hour shift.

Hopefully I will have a funny to post tomorrow, going to get on my nightgown and enjoy some TV, at least I hope so. Also today, Monday, the girls gave Pepper Jax a bath and he looks so clean. I also want to look for some photos of my Grandparents on my Mother's side of the family. A cousin we lost contact with when he was a very small boy, has found a niece of mine through My Mother's brother had two children by his first marriage and after the war (WWII) the parents were divorced and when my cousin turned 7, him and his sister were taken away from their Mother and put into a Children's home in Fl. He was adopted by a fmaily, I can only hope they were a loving well adjusted family. I also hope him and his sister were able to stay together. We just started corresponding over the computer, so perhaps I will find out. He told me I could ask him anything. Well it's time to call my Mother. I try to call her at least once a day and sometimes more often then that. Everyone have a good evening. And a wonderful Tuesday.


Jackie said...

I love reading about your day. Truly.
I hope that the connection with your cousin is a beautiful one. I'm so glad you found him.

linda eller said...

Hopefully you can continue to re-connect with your cousin. Family means a lot, even more so it seems, when you a little older.

Melinda said...

hey that cherry cheesecake ice cream was better the next day and REALLY cold like real ice cream...