Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Singing Anesthesiologists


This one is just too funny! Listen carefully to the words.
These singers are all Anesthesiologists in Minnesota and they can really sing. They are also funny. Here they sing "Waking up is hard to do."


linda eller said...

WOW, not only can they sing, but a couple arent hard to look at either! I will go to Minnesota for my next surgery! lol

Lois Evensen said...

I've seen this one before, enjoyed it again, and will enjoy seeing it even more times! Have they been signed to a contract yet? Wow! They're great!

Jackie said...

Listening to the words makes me want to know what goes on while we are sleeping through surgery.
I just had my 2nd colonoscopy this past Thursday. I was given something to make me "sleep"...and I think that I remember snippets...but thankful that I don't remember the pain and discomfort.
Love this video, Patty.
Cute anesthesiologists. (Why don't I ever get the cute ones!!) :)))

ChrisJ said...

Great song, great voices. I think this song should be my signature song. I have a terrible time getting up in the morning!:) :)