Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunrise on a Sunday Morning



linda eller said...

So beautiful. God never makes 'junk', does He?

Winifred said...

Lovely photogrpahs & one of my favourite hymns. Thanks Patty.

Jackie said...

I can always count on finding the most beauuuuutiful videos that you have posted. Sometimes, when people post links to other sites on their blogs, they aren't "all that" ....but I know that when you post one, it is worth the watch and the listen. And, just as I expected, it is wonderful, Patty! The music...the photographs....beautiful beyond words.
Happy New Year, my friend.
Love to you and your dear family,

Wanda said...

So true have a way of finding the very best in humor and beauty and song.


ChrisJ said...

That was absolutely beautiful, Patty. I was sure the singer was Irish. but I don't think I recognized his name. I really loved
it. Thank you, Patty