Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wild Animal

My little girl loves animals, but one day she was bitten by a small field mouse she'd found. She carried it home in her pocket and told me what happened. Worried about rabies, I called our town Humane Society and was told that the animal would have to be examined, and they'd send someone for it.

When the Humane Society truck pulled up, a big man got out, put on a pair of gauntlets, and took a capture stick and cage from the back of the truck. Trying not to laugh, I handed him a shoe box containing the mouse.

"Lady," he said, seeing my expression, "they only told me it was a wild animal."


linda eller said...

oh yeah, major wild animal...lol

Wanda said...

If you are afraid of mice...it would be a wild animal. However, we've lived with mice, and I think they are quite cute..if they are not in my cupboards. HaHa

Jackie said...

I do not like mice.
I would have kept my cage and capture stick!!
Mice and roaches will make me hurt myself trying to get away from them.
Thank you for the sweet email, my friend. You are incredibly thoughtful. I am so proud to call you friend....