Thursday, May 22, 2014

Busy last few days

Tuesday morning, Becky took Abe to his arthritis doctor in Kettering. On their way home, they were stopped at a red light, they heard what sounded like a gun shot, and realized, two cars behind them the guy had run into the car directly behind them, which caused that that vehicle to rear end our car. Actually one was a small pick up truck and one one more like a Ford Ranger.

Imprint of vehicle behind ours, left his license plate visible on our bumper. Photos don't really show the damage that well, it's mostly in the center and to the right of the back of the car.

I try to have post made up about a week ahead to show up, but was behind, because we had our son and his wife visiting a few days, and company and so forth. Wed. I was on the phone alot, getting thing arranged for an adjuster to come out and look at the vehicle.

Today we had an appointment to have our toe nails trimmed, I know you are probably so happy to hear that. LOL Then when we came home, Abe saw the family doctor to make sure the abrasion on his right arm was looking ok. Wanted to get it checked out before the long week-end coming up. Becky has two really sore thumbs, when she saw the vehilce was going to rea end them, she was really holding onto the steering wheel tightly.

Thursday is our pasta night, so that means two others along with Melissa and Audrey, will be here for supper/dinner today, with Abe and me. It will be pasta, salad, Texas Toast, olives, more sprinkle on cheese, and Mehaffie's home made chocolate pie.

That's it for the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a restful, peaceful day.


Lady Di Tn said...

You have been a busy girl. Talking on the phone to adjuster. Yucky. At least no one was hurt seriously. My MIL has to get hers done because they are so thick I would have to use a chain saw and then I might take off her foot. My week of playing nurse for her ended when the home health nurse came and took out her pick line today. Now I am researching dog surgery for Maggie.
Hope you have a great weekend. Peace

ChrisJ said...

Sorry you've had all the 'excitement' and glad everyone is ok. We love Texas Toast!

linda said...

I just figured you were busy with something, and sure enough. Wish it hadnt been the accident and dealing with adjuster. We are still dealing with ours over the 3 tv's that blew out due to surge on the wires from the pole. Surely things will quieten down again soon.