Saturday, May 10, 2014

Chris and Rita's Visit

House is once again quiet.

Chris and Rita arrived for dinner on Wednesday the 7th. Angela prepared it. Lasagna and salad. Delicious!

On Thursday I placed an order for pizza, salad and Sample Platters. Went to pick it up and another daughter paid for this meal. All was very good.

Friday evening Chris prepared the dinner of rice, vegetables and grilled chicken strips. Extra good.

Saturday we had the ham Chris and Rita had sent to us for Easter, which arrived the day before Easter, frozen as solid as a bowling ball. I all ready had a ham for dinner, so I stuck it into the freezer, we had that today. Along with Hash Brown casserole, Angela brought, she also brought two cakes, one cake for Chris' Birthday and a smaller cake for Mother's Day. Melinda brought fresh baked buns and Mikesells chips, plus home made Buckeyes. Becky brought a Greek Salad and 4 bean salad. Plus some Volcano Cookies. Melissa made her macaroni and cheese from scratch. There were also some cookies Chris and Rita bought before they left Bob Evans, where she bought him a breakfast for his birthday. Angela also opened a box of Esther Price candy. The chips and candy are two brands they don't sell in Fl. Our girls and son are all very good at preparing food items. Everything was extra delicious.

All in all I think everyone has had a nice time. The girls all tried to be here as much as possible. We told them goodbye when they left this evening, since they will be leaving early in the morning. I hope they also enjoyed their short vacation.

For Mother's Day Angela got me pair of some really nice bling bling earrings, Chris and Rita, three new tops and a potted purple flower, which I will have to read to find out how to take care of it. Melinda gave me some money. Becky and Margaret gave me a new flag for my front hanger, a neck pillow and a hanging basket of flowers for the patio. I feel blessed. Also received some beautiful cards and a card with a check from my Mother. So it was one terrific Mothers Day. Tomorrow, I am going to do nothing but relax. I didn't have to do much this time, but it is tiring just having a house full of people all the time, even if they are your own kids and family. LOL Good night everyone, sleep well.


ChrisJ said...

Sounds like you had a feast -- of food and family. Happy Mother's Day, Patty. I bet you were a good mother, you've got such good common sense.

Weekend-Windup (John Paul) said...

Sounds good, I'm sure you had a great time together...

linda said...

Sounds like a really good visit, with lots of good food and Mothers Day gifts too!