Sunday, June 08, 2014

My Mother
She started out life with a Mother that wanted a boy and not another girl. Her parents were finally told to give her a name and some lady in the town where they lived told her parents (my grandparents) if they named her Olive, she would give her a silver spoon. So they did, with her middle name being May, but she always spelled it Mae. I think she went through life thinking no one loved her. But we all did. So much more then even she realized. She had four children, one miscarriage, she had two daughters and two sons. I was the oldest, born to her before she was quite 14.

She never really had a child hood. No teen age friends, no going to high school proms. All she knew almost her whole life was to take care of her home and children. She also took care of others that would need help. She never turned anyone away. My sister died when she was around 42, Mom was around 60. Mom took care of Nancy a lot. And it broke hr heart when Nancy passed. Mom said that was the hardest death she ever had to go through. She also lost a Grandson, who was like a son to her, in a terrible head on collision when he was around 43. Then his Mother ( sister-in-law) died the next year from lung cancer. She took care of Dad up till the day before he passed, in 2003, from Alzheimer's

One time, my Mother said her best friend was an aunt of mine, Vera, and she wrote in this book our one daughter gave her to fill out, that Vera was her best friend, but when she passed away, her best friend now is Patty Lincoln. She also said in the book, her whole life she never felt loved. That's so sad to feel that way. I hope she wasn't always unhappy.

She had 12 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren. She was always trying to feed someone if they stopped by her house. She was a terrific cook. First one up in the mornings and the last one to bed at night.

She liked to listen to Ruth Lyons 50/50 club that came on local TV at lunch time. She also liked songs sung by Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, especially Elvis song Are You Lonely Tonight. She liked most of the songs from the 40's and 50's. She was the best Mom and Grandma around. We all miss her so much. She liked pansies very much. She never tried to be something she wasn't, never tried to make someone think she was better then them. She was always herself, beautiful inside and out. Had a heart of gold.

The car she was riding in, did not yield at a stop sign, they pulled out into an intersection, their car got broadsided. Of course it was the passenger side. They took her by care flight to a hospital in Dayton. She had a broken neck and severe head injuries. She never regained consciousness. She died two days later, the hospital said she had a strong heart. But some days when I would talk to Mom on the home, she wondered how much longer she was going to live. Sometimes when she would say hello and sound a little gruff, when I
would say hello, her voice seemed to change and sound happier. I would say how are you and she would say, well I'm still here. Then laugh. And I would say I hope so or I'm glad you're here Mom. On Facebook our children all wrote something for their Grandmother which was very nice.

I guess I better close the computer down for the day. Oh yes, I did get a note saying I should appear for jury duty, but I understand when you're a certain age, you can get out of it. I've served several times in the past, and now that it's harder for me to get around, I don't want to do it again. It is interesting if you get a chance to serve.


Jackie said...

Patty.... My heart is so broken as I read this. I can't stop the tears.
Your Morher sounds like an angel on this Earth to me
May God be with you through this incredibly hard time.
I wish I lived closer so that I could physically do more for you and your family.
I am so sorry for the passing of your dear Mama. She was a wonderful lady.....

linda said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mother and what a lovely lady she was. It is sad that she never felt loved by her own parents but I am sure you, and others, gave her lots of love. My heart aches for her and anyone that doesnt feel loved.

Lady Di Tn said...

I am sure your Mother was having a bad day when she wrote she did not feel loved. She sounds like someone I would have loved to have known as she was much like my Mother wanting to feed everyone that walked in the door. My Mother's middle name was Mai also but she spelled hers with an i. Mine has been gone since 1998 therefore, I understand your lost. Time will make it easier but you will always miss her. I still find times I want to pick up the phone and call her just one more time. Peace be with you dear friend.

Wanda said...

Many people who are the most loving to others, have felt unloved. She was loved of course but us humans are funny creatures, and sometimes don't even understand hour inner feelings.

You were a good loved her unconditionally. I hope you rest in that and it brings you comfort.

ChrisJ said...

Patty, you are blessed to have had such a mother. And I'm sure you're as good a mother as she was. My family was dysfunctional as they say today -- and mostly because no love was shown. We were not physically abused, but reading all you said about your mother, I realized again that I couldn't write even a quarter of that much about my mother. She was there but I didn't know her. I had to consciously make myself show motherly love to my children. I couldn't have done it without the Lord.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful story about a Mother well loved.
My Mother died 2 years ago at age 95. She still lived in her home and was amazing. She was gone just overnight. When I went to see her that evening she said she was tired. God welcomed her. Each time I have something I need or want to tell her I have to remember that she's not there anymore. MB

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Dearest Patty this post is very sad and I am so sorry for your loss. What a terrible sudden accident that took her from you. May she rest in peace.