Monday, October 27, 2014


Sat. the 25th. was Abe's 80th. Birthday. Angela treated six of us to Clair's Pizza in Richmond In. They have delicious bread sticks, onion rings and pizza. Then we came back to the house to have cake and ice cream, plus carmeled pop corn and another party snack, that Becky made up, not sure if it had a name, but it was delicious. Melinda and Noah also were able to come to the house. Then they all sang Happy Birthday to Abe and me, since mine is today, the 27th.

Tonight Becky is fixing supper for me, home made noodles with chicken, sauerkraut salad, mashed potatoes and top it off with a home made apricot pie. Noodles and pie were two of my Mom's specials.

Beautiful Monday, sun is out, wind is blowing some, leaves are falling, typical autumn day. Perhaps could even call it Indian Summer. This week-end we change our clocks again, fall back. I wish they would leave them this way year round. They use to say, it was so farmers could get their work done, I don't know many farmers that don't have lights on their machinery now a days. I think it's so people can play golf longer. I start changing our clocks around supper time on Sat., since we have quite a few to change. I wish there was some way we Ohioans could vote on this time change thing.

Our dog is doing great, still begs for food way too much, barks way too much. Baby Kitty, our daughter's cat hasn't been doing too well. Hoping the visit today at the vet's will show some improvement. He vomits a lot and has diarrhea way too much. Poor thing has to get exhausted.

That's it for Monday, everyone take care and have a terrific week.


ChrisJ said...

So Happy Birthday to both Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln !!! I will be 77 at Christmas. Never ever thought about reaching that age and certainly never had an inkling of what it would feel like. (Same on the inside, but old on the outside. The inside doesn't match the outside. Love to both you and Abe. Now I'll have to see if I can find his blog.

Linda E said...

I already wished your sweetie HB, so today is your big day. Sounds like it is going to be wonderful, good food, family, cant beat that. Enjoy and Happy Birthday!