Monday, October 06, 2014

Fluids Today

I'm preparing for my colonoscopy I will be having tomorrow. So I will be busy drinking fluids then the preparation in the big gallon jug. Haven't even started the gallon jug drink yet, and all ready I feel half sick to my stomach.

Have had hot tea with honey, some apple juice and hot beef broth. For lunch I may have an orange Popsicle, more hot tea and more apple juice. Thank goodness it's only one day of prep, if it took longer then that I wouldn't have the procedure done.

I was told once you hit 80, you no longer have to have them, UNLESS, you are having problems of some sort. I was suppose to have had one about 7 years ago, but when the reminder came, I ignored it.

Everyone have a great day, I have to go find a sweater, I'm about froze.


Carole Barkett said...

I feel for you. Did that last year and the lack of food was the worst.

Linda E said...

Praying all goes well tomorrow and it will be behind you instead of in front.

ChrisJ said...

Patty, you're braver than I am !! It's not the procedure it's the drinking of all that fluid. I'd never keep it down.