Monday, November 10, 2014

Brookville Marching Band

Our Granddaughter is in the Brookville Marching Band. They had their last competition Saturday the 8th. Out of 21 bands, they came out in the Top 10. I don't know if they rate them any different after the Top 10. I called her this morning and she said, this is the second time the school has been in the finals, and I believe it's the first time in the past 15 years. So it's been a while.

She said several police cruisers and a fire truck or two met them as they came into town. Had their lights flashing, but no sirens since it was after 11pm.

As you are looking at the photo, she is on the left side, third row, holding her sax. This was taken about a month ago when they made a trip to OSU. Their band is a lot smaller, since so many Seniors graduated.


Linda E said...

How exciting for your granddaughter and I know you are proud of her. Being in the top 10 is super!!!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Great news