Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Today Would Have Been My Mom's 92nd. Birthday

I found this on the computer.

Mother's Last Prayer

What will we do without her,
Are there really words to say.
Just how much we'll miss her,
Now that she's gone away.

What will we do without her,
There can never be another.
A tender face, a loving smile,
The one that we called mother.

Now the Lord has called her,
To us it might seem wrong.
She did her good deeds here on earth,
And now she's been called home.

The things she wanted most in life,
It seemed she was denied.
We'll never know how many nights,
She laid awake and cried.

To see her children close once more,
And loving one another.
Was the prayer she said each night,
And it was the last prayer of our mother.

In memory of my mother by
Winnie Lovett 1968


Jackie said...

Thinking of you today, Patty....

sandy said...

Always sad to lose a mother. Beautiful poem.

I had an Aunt Winnie who died when i was really young. I love the name.

Wanda said...

Today is our youngest daughter's 44th BD. Glad she shares ones with your lovely mom.]

Every birthday for Jill is special as when she was 18 an in the horrible car accident...we didn't know for months if she would live or die, and then if she would have to have her leg amputated at the hip. God was good...she lived, didn't lose her leg, and even through she still has issues....she's married, and a mom to little Tristan. So we celebrate big today.