Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trigger Injection
has been cancelled

I was to get another Trigger Injection today. but doctor's office called, since we got new cards in Jan. for our insurance, even though I have gotten several shots in the past, same insurance, only the first three letters on the membership card have changed, they have to get preauthorization again, so we made a new appointment for the 28th. Lady told me it sometimes takes 2 weeks, so she will double check on the 27th. so I don't make a trip down only to find out they've heard nothing yet.

Insurance is good, but can also be a BIG pain at times. But if that good ole sun shines a lot, it seems to make me feel some better. Everyone have a great day.

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Linda E said...

Hate to hear you were able to get your shot...when I need it, I need it asap. Hope you can make it until the end of the month.