Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Colder then blue blazes. Wonder where that ever came from, but it is cold this morning.

They're suppose to deliver a new mattress for Abe's hospital bed this morning. So I want to be dressed before they arrive. Other then that and a few more clothes to launder not a whole lot planned. There's a whole lot I could do, if I felt like it. LOL

Abe went to his lung doctor for his yearly check up yesterday. Lung doctor said everything seems fine, lungs are clear, what ever that might mean. Of course his breathing isn't any better, which it won't be. Doctor said come back in a year.

I get my Trigger Injection (finally) tomorrow. Becky will drive me down to the hospital where they do it. Hope there's no bad weather on it's way. Becky's car seats are heated, which is nice in the winter.

Everyone have a good day.


Linda E said...

Good news about getting your injection tomorrow. Also good news that Abe's lungs are ok. Hope the snow wont keep them from delivering the bed today. Stay warm and safe. I am going to probably do what you said you were doing today! lol

Winifred said...

What's a trigger injection Patty?

Hope the mattress came. Nothing worse than waiting in for something that doesn't arrive!

Well I managed to get myself motivated & went to keep fit at the church. Not an aerobic thingy more stretching exercises. Then went for a swim. Must be mad in this weather! At least the pool was empty which was lovely.

Winifred said...

Forgot to say that was great news about Abe.

Lady Di Tn said...

It was warm here today but the temp tomorrow with wind will keep sensible folks inside by a nice warm fire. Nice to hear the statement "Back in a year.' I might faint if mine told me that as the longest they will let me out of their sights is six months and I am grateful for that. Wishing you smooth sailing tomorrow to get the injection.
Glad the Ole boy got a good report. Peace Stay warm.

Patty said...

Winifred, he takes a needle and goes along the spine on both sides from below the head to the tail bone, shooting as he goes into the different areas. Not sure what the medicine is. It last about a month, makes the old body and joints feel real good.

Good luck with your motivation process.

Abe's lungs are not ok, but for him the check up showed nothing has changed, so that is good.

Patty said...

Lady Di Tn my doctors don't usually tell me to come back in a year, 3 months or 6, but not a year. In Abe's case, there is nothing more they can do and it showed there is no changes, so he's to keep doing what he's been doing. Hoping by tomorrow the shot will be kicking in and making the old body and joints feel great, even if it's only for three or four weeks.

Patty said...

Linda E I'm hoping by Thursday the shot kicks in in full force and I'll be feeling great, even for a short time is better then nothing.